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Headline Categories Create Date Countries Funding Agencies
Improving the EU's connectivity with small-scale cross-border transport projects Transport 7 Mar, 2019 United Kingdom European Committee of the Regions (CoR)
African Development Bank Executive Director Tours completed power projects Transport, Services, Energy, Agriculture and Food 5 Mar, 2019 Zimbabwe African Development Bank (AfDB)
EAST AFRICAN GOVERNORS HAIL “HIGHLY TRANSFORMATIVE” AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK’S PROJECTS Transport, Public Sector, Water, Energy, Finance, Education 4 Mar, 2019 Africa African Development Bank (AfDB)
Ivory Coast: African Development Bank Supports Five Transformative Projects for 275 Billion CFA Transport, Urban Development 4 Mar, 2019 Cote d'Ivoire African Development Bank (AfDB)
East African Governors hail “highly transformative” African Development Bank’s projects Transport, Public Sector, Water, Energy, Finance, Environment 4 Mar, 2019 Africa African Development Bank (AfDB)
African Development Bank Shows its Support to the Kingdom of Eswatini’s Economic Recovery Transport, Water, Finance, Agriculture and Food 4 Mar, 2019 Swaziland African Development Bank (AfDB)
ADB, India Sign Record $926 Million Loan for Two New Mumbai Metro Lines Transport, Finance 4 Mar, 2019 India Asian Development Bank (ADB)